As a general rule, I am pleased with the items I knit; I choose the yarn carefully, considering colours, textures, durability, suitability for purpose, etc,etc and will adapt patterns where necessary.On this occasion, my tried-and-tested methods have let me down: I have made a scarf and I just don’t like it…

I like the pattern (Baktus, if you’re interested), it was easy to knit, the pattern was well written and I like the idea of the scarf, just don’t like the scarf! I think the problem lies with the yarn, which is Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn. The colours looked great in the ball but as I knitted, they just didn’t seem to work with each other – some parts are lovely, the pink blending into purple and the turquoisey parts, but the peachy colour and the yukky green are just, well, yukky really. What also p****d me off is the knot about halfway through the skein which caused a very sudden, jolting colour-change between yukky peach and turquoise – this yarn is expensive and knots are NOT acceptable, especially not in a yarn which bases its whole reputation on long, slow, subtle shifts from one shade to the next. (Click on the last photo to see the detail)

So, I’m pretty disappointed with this scarf, and don’t know whether to frog it, give it away or burn it as sacrifice to the knitting goddesses in the hope that they will look on this poor mortal more favourably in the future.

Ideas, anyone?



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5 responses to “Hmmm

  1. Peri

    I really like the way it looks in the first photo – worn that way I think the colours look ok. However, I see your point entirely in picture 2 and agree that knots are not acceptable.

    You have knit it beautifully – such lovely even tension – it would be a shame to destroy it and if you don’t like the yarn/colours then there is no point in frogging it.

    Could it be a gift for someone who’d like those colours or save it for a couple of years and then maybe it might have grown on you?

  2. You could give it to me as a token of your ever-lasting love and devotion? And, you know, I can make anything look fierce.

  3. Fredabeth Avant

    I made 2 for college girls. Was more pleased with the color combos than you are and the girls loved them. Know any teenagers or college girls?

  4. For every scarf, there is a wearer. It would make a great gift for someone even if you don’t know just who that person is yet. It’s always good to have a gift or two tucked away, right?

  5. it sooo pretty, please dont burn it!!! give it as a gift, i think the colours are gorgeous, and dont you feel like cr*p when you unravel? i sure do x

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