Time flies…

…whether you’re having fun or not.

I sat here this afternoon wondering why, after sixteen consecutive days of not going to work, all I have to show on the knitting/spinning/weaving front is approximately half a pair of socks (one pair completed, another started).

I couldn’t work out why I have been so unproductive with all this leisure time, but then it dawned on me – I’ve not really been on holiday at all. In the last sixteen days, I have:

  • driven almost one thousand miles
  • cleaned and tidied like never before
  • made two trips to the computer repair place
  • made three trips to the supermarket
  • cooked dozens of meals for varying numbers of people
  • been inventive with leftovers
  • stuck my hands inside dead poultry
  • peeled a seemingly never-ending supply of brussels sprouts
  • marzipanned and iced a Christmas cake
  • wrapped and labelled many gifts
  • decorated the tree
  • undecorated the tree
  • fed and medicated the cat
  • refereed arguments
  • emptied countless bins
  • won (and lost) at Trivial Pursuit
  • eaten and drunk far more than is good for me

All becomes clear after that little list, huh?

Excuse me now please, must go and spin before the holiday is finally over…



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2 responses to “Time flies…

  1. Everyone assumes that Christmas is a time for rest and relaxation, when in fact for most women, in particular mothers, it is the most stressful exhausting time of year. I think it is minor miracle you got a much knitted as you did. Well done for surviving the chaos that Christmas brings.

  2. Gosh you were busy over Christmas! Sounds like a good time, although I don’t envy you medicating the cat! I tend to get quite injured when ours needs any kind of medication! 😉

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