Non-cheery post ahead.
I know it’s not what you wanted, a whole load of whinging after an unexplained absence from this ‘ere blog, but that’s the way it is…
So…knitting. Well, I’ve been trying to limit myself to working on one project at a time, namely the hemp cardi/jacket that I bought at Alexandra Palace last October. I’ve almost completed the body and, despite making it shorter than the pattern instructs, I’m pretty sure there will not be enough yarn to finish it. I have been in contact with the retailer, sent off some of my yarn so a match could be made, and in return have received another small hank of yarn which is only a partial match. The lady I spoke to said that there should be plenty of yarn to finish the jacket (err…yeah, that’s why I bought the kit!) and then said that I wasn’t the first person to run out! I have also had to pay for the extra yarn that I shouldn’t have needed. I think there are some lessons to be learnt here.

I’m going to have to alternate between the original yarn and the extra when I knit the sleeves – just hope the difference in colour will not be too obvious. I really fell in love with this jacket and can’t wait to wear it, but the shine has worn off somewhat…

Weaving…hmm, well, after many, many, many attempts to warp up the loom for double-weaving, I finally managed to get a two-layered cloth. I don’t really know how I achieved this and am not confident that I could do it again, and it still isn’t right…I’m using navy and cream cotton so should have a layer of warp that is all navy and one that is all cream. Both my warp layers are a mixture of navy and cream so the resulting fabric is not at all what I envisaged. I need to finish it so that I can get cracking with some other weaving projects that I have in mind, but my heart is not really in it. Ho hum…

Spinning…is going quite well (touch wood). I’ve done a couple of experiments with some Hebridean fleece from a local flock, one of which worked pretty much as intended but the other…not so much. Core-spinning around elastic is, well, interesting. Kinda…

I’ve also made a start on some merino/flax top that was a Christmas present from Bethany. The flax makes it handle very differently from pure merino and it has caught me out a few times, but I’m very happy with the singles produced so far. There’s about 200g which I hope will be a lace-weight-ish 2 ply. Pale blues and greys. Pretty.

Work is a bit crap at present – we’ve just been told that there is a “headcount challenge” imminent, meaning that up to 10% of us are likely to lose our jobs. Very few details have been given so far, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. These particular cuts are nothing to do with the change of government and I know worse is to come when the Con-Dem (very apt) coalition announce how they are going to cull the Civil Service. It’s all very unsettling and de-motivating and makes me want to hide in the corner until the big nasty bullies have gone away 😦

On a much happier note, Lucy was home from university this past week (was only meant to be a couple of days, but she got tonsillitis) so I was able to hang out with both my girlies, my favourite pastime EVAH!


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