I’m Back!

2010 was not the best year I’ve ever had (slight understatement!) but it’s over now and time to move on.
The horrid black cloud of depression has lifted, thanks to a course of CBT and Prozac and the job situation – not sure if I mentioned this before, but I was made “surplus” – has been resolved by means of a different job with different responsibilities and which, so far, I am enjoying (at least I don’t have to listen to the sexual difficulties of octagenarians anymore).

In the last few months I have rediscovered the pleasure of sewing and have developed a taste for making bags. I think it must be a combination of making something useful and the fairly instant (compared to knitting, spinning or weaving) results. Most of the bags I’ve made so far have taken an afternoon or so, from cutting out to completion. Inspiration has come mostly from here and the book “Bag Making Bible”, also by Lisa Lam of U-Handbag. There are only eight patterns in the book, but they encompass all the techniques you could possibly need, making it very easy to adapt the given patterns or design your own.

Lucy's bag

The first three pictures are all the same basic pattern (the free “For Pleat’s Sake” tote from – you guessed it – U-Handbag!), but with different handles and very different looks because of the fabrics used. The last two pictures are both “Piping Hot Hobo” from the aforementioned Bag Making Bible; one is made from left-over handspun/handwoven sari silk and linen fabric (a bit proud of this one!!) and the other is some fake leather fabric and has the addtion of a concealed zip pocket on the reverse. The piping is a bit dodgy on this one because there were so many layers of fabric to brutally force gently encourage through the sewing machine, but it has been in pretty much constant use since I finished it and has a quite amazing capacity (as if I need any encouragement to carry round everything but the proverbial sink).

I’ve been in Brighton today and bought a few more zips, D-rings and interfacing as there are more bag plans afoot… I want to try a bag with a frame and some different types of handles. Trouble is, I’ve never really been a matching-bag-for-every-outfit kinda girl, so I may have to develop a strategy for off-loading the excess bags onto unsuspecting victims friends…hmmm….

It’s good to be back – there were times when I thought I’d never be interested in updating this blog again – Facebook and twitter are all very well, but it’s nice to have my own space where I can ramble on (and on and on) as much I like. Can’t promise to blog every day, or even every week, but hope to be a bit more regular than last year.

Happy New Year, everyone

Annie, xxx



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6 responses to “I’m Back!

  1. I love piping hot hobo. It was on my shirt list for first project from that book. Glad to see you have your love of sewing back.

  2. Bethany

    Can’t believe you didn’t say anything about the fact that I’ve started knitting my own cardigan. FOR SHAAAAME.

  3. Tola

    i always take orphan bags

  4. Lovely bags! Especially the sari silk one. I made a few a while ago, and bought a selection of bag making books, but haven’t really looked at them since – I’ll have to get them out and have a go soon!

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