Adventures with cloth and thread

I have always had a strong urge to make stuff, probably ingrained into my soul from watching my mum knitting and sewing when I was little, but these days it has become a necessity – not because knitting a scarf is the only way I will ever get a scarf, more that without some kind of creative outlet, I would go stark staring bonkers (shut up!).

Recently, the urge has been stronger than ever, and seems to be encompassing all kinds of different crafts; I’ve been knitting for years and years and years, but over the past four years or so, I’ve added spinning, dyeing and weaving to the arsenal and now I want to have a go at embroidery and other types of sewing. With this in mind, I’ve been loitering with intent outside visiting local fabric shops on the look out for bargains, and perusing the intaweb for ideas as well as buying the odd book here or there. Ahem.

In spite of having an important weaving project on the loom (my mum’s birthday present – already late and still not finished) I have been side-tracked. This wasn’t really intentional, but I’ve been suffering from a bad back since the beginning of the year, and although it is now a lot better than it was, it’s still not quite right and hunching up over the loom would be plain stoopid, but sitting at the sewing machine for hours on end seems to do no harm.

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I am still knitting as well, so here we have the Annis shawl/scarf from Knitty – a quick knit (less than a week) using Kauni effekt yarn, although the colour changes have not shown up well in the picture.  There is also a bit of machine embroidery which I did using  a particular kind of sewing foot, whose name I have completely forgotten, and my very first ever machine-pieced patchwork block. One of my excursions to the afore-mentioned fabric shop resulted in the purchase of a jelly roll – once it was in my possession, I figured I really should find out what to do with it so I downloaded this book to my Kindle and have made a (small) start on the Sparkling Gemstones quilt, of which this block is the first. Only 107 more to go. Gulp.

I’ve also made some machine-embroidered birthday cards (Jan/Feb is a very busy time for birthdays in the Creek family), but I’ve sent two off without photographing them (der!) and the next one is still a secret until Wednesday; suffice it to say that I am, without a shadow of doubt, the most awesomest sister in the entire world, evah!!!


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  1. Dee

    I’ve found your blog via a link and saw that you had dowloaded the JellyRoll Quilts book to your Kindle. Can you tell me if the pictures are shown or is it all text?
    Hope you don’t mind me asking.


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