Whaddya mean, it’s ages since I posted? It’s only…er…yeah. Well. Ahem.

So, last Sunday, I went into Brighton to meet my friend Steph, who is planning a wedding. Erm, yeah, it’s her wedding, not just a wedding…whatever, she’s been stupidly misguided kind enough to ask me to make a bag for her so we  had lots to discuss: handles, fasteners, shapes, sizes, colours, fabrics etc, etc, etc. Choices have been made, requisites have been requisitioned and planning has started. Don’t worry, Steph, I will be sensible and do it properly, I promise 🙂

Anyway, on the way to meet her at the Brighton Museum (quote from link: “set in the heart of Brighton’s cultural quarter” – we have a cultural quarter?? Since when?) tea room ( great scones, btw) I spotted some snowdrops in the Pavilion Gardens and it’s so long since I saw any snowdrops that I just had to take a photo – a bit blurry, I’m afraid, but still a sure sign that Spring is on its way.

I’m sure by now that it has become blindingly obvious that I don’t have much in the way of content for today’s post (no, really?) so I’ll just blabber on about the other pictures in the slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Patches of fabric sewn together – this patch is a bit larger than before and proves that I have actually been doing something reasonably constructive of late, although when you think about it, chopping fabric into hundreds of tiny little pieces only to sew them up again into larger pieces could be reasonably construed as highly unconstructive and a complete waste of effort…

moving on.

Fibre. Yummy.

I went to Unravel yesterday and this was one of my purchases. Beautiful, beautiful merino and tencel blend (50/50); soft, shiny and wonderfully dyed by the very talented Daniela of FeltStudioUK . I spotted this fibre as soon as I walked into that particular room, and knew I had to have it. Daniela also produces some of the most stunning art yarns I’ve ever seen – perfect coils, quirky additions and always lovely colours. Well worth checking out her shop when she’s back from the show.

The teal-coloured yarn is a yarn I’ve not seen before (that’d be ’cause it’s brand new and was only launched at the show. Derr!) called Soliloquy, available from Tall Yarns. It’s sold as a light sock yarn, 80% merino/20% silk, but it has such a lovely sheen that I can’t help feeling it would be wasted on socks (and I’m not sure I want to have 80 sts on 1.75mm or 2.0mm needles, for that matter). It’s a very strong yarn so I may well weave with it – a scarf with a textured pattern, perhaps, that shows off the beautiful jewel-like colour. Who could resist a colourway called “Oh! Romeo”? Well, not me, obviously…

I was supposed to be going to Unravel with a friend, but at the last minute, she couldn’t make it. I ummed and aaahed about whether to still go, as these events are much more fun when they’re shared plus it was quite a long drive which would be much better with company, but decided to stop being such a wimp and JUST GO!! Very glad I did and am looking forward to next year’s show already…


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  1. =Tamar

    Back in 2008, a woman named Nancy wrote that her husband made that comment about her quilting, and she responded, “Why do you buy lumber and cut it into pieces and then nail it back together? The same reason, to make something!”

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