…you’d think, at my age, that I would have learnt some simple principles of good (or at least adequate) housekeeping – y’know the sort of thing: making sure there is plenty of loo roll available, using up older foodstuffs before starting on the new, regular routine for housework, etc, etc. I have blogged before  about my failings in these areas and I’m sorry to say that things have not improved. I am ashamed.

Today’s dinner is garlic and rosemary chicken with roast spuds and veg, but it nearly didn’t happen – the cupboard where I keep  the potatoes had a plentiful supply, but very few of them were actually useable,  unless I wanted to plant them in the garden; most had sprouts, some were extremely wizened, and some even had tiny, weeny little potatoes growing from the sprouts! I managed to find enough that were sort-of-alright to peel and put in the roasting tin with the chicken, but the rest…well, let’s just say that the composter is feeling nicely full…

It remains to be seen whether there are enough “edible” (i.e. do not pose a hazard to human health) vegetables in the fridge to complete this great repast.

In an attempt to redress the balance a little, I shall move on to other areas of domesticity – cleaning.

As you can probably guess, I dislike cleaning in general (you spend a great deal of time and effort on it, only to have to do it all over again the next week/month/year!), although I do like the satisfaction that results from it, and the improved appearance of the house…cleaning the bathroom, though, is a particular dislike.

There are a number of problems with the bathroom, the main one being that it is an extension on the back of the house and therefore has three outside walls; combine that with a total lack of insulation and major condensation is what follows. The ventilation is also inadequate (especially in winter when you don’t want the window open) so there is  serious mildew – it’s on the walls, on the grouting between the tiles, on the ceiling blah, blah, blah. I have tried all sorts of methods to try and get rid of this buggering, bollocking, arsing mess rather unsightly and unwelcome guest but with little, if any, improvement. Until yesterday. Yesterday, I used SOME OF THAT CLEANER THAT IS ADVERTISED BY BARRY WHO SHOUTS ALL THE TIME, and what can I say? Nothing short of miraculous. The grouting is white again, and when almost your entire bathroom is covered in one-inch mosaic tiles, that is a lot of grouting. Unfortunately, it’s not suitable for painted surfaces so I need to find something else that will work on the walls and ceiling, but at least there is progress.

Oh yeah…this is meant to be knitting blog, isn’t it? Well, there isn’t any knitting to show you (I’ve finished a pair of socks, but they’ve not been photographed yet), but there is this:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Crochet Motif Cardi by Kristen Ten Dyke (pattern available here).

It looks better on the mannequin than on me, mainly because I have more…er…frontage…

I like the way the motifs cease to look like motifs when they are all joined together but I’m not sure how much I’ll wear this as it tends to slip off my shoulders quite a bit. Some of the instructions for the neckline were a little confusing (I think right and left got muddled up) but apart from that it was a well written pattern with helpful diagrams.

Also, summer is here, there’s a rose in my garden!!


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