Just an ordinary Sunday

Before I start on the main part of today’s post, please have a quick look at this link. Huge thanks to those who have already pledged their hard-earned dosh, and “Oi! Get on with it!” to those who have not quite managed to do so yet…:)

Moving swiftly on…

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A couple of years ago, my kitchen was re-fitted – out went the yucky green-but-painted-white 70s cupboards and the hideous blue and yellow mosaic that I made to cover up even more hideous puky-coloured tiles, and in went lovely, sleek, oak-coloured cupboards, my gorgeous range cooker and the slate-look laminate flooring. Perfect. The guy who fitted it all was very thorough and even managed to get rid of the small leak by the main stop-cock, which had caused the old flooring to lift up. I revelled in my new kitchen (not so much the price-tag…) and enjoyed being in there; it even seemed bigger, although I know it wasn’t.

I noticed a little while ago that the door wasn’t opening as easily as it used to, and on closer inspection, discovered that this was due to the flooring going a bit… strange. Bits of the laminate appeared to have bubbled up around the edges and were catching on the bottom of the door. I didn’t want to be in the kitchen so much, it wasn’t perfect any more 😦

Anyway, the enormous trench that makes up the first photo in today’s slideshow was dug, and the old pipes were found to have been incorrectly lagged so the copper had reacted with the concrete and the pipes had turned to…well… sponge, really and the dampness had gradually permeated up to my lovely laminate floor. It’s been sorted now, but the new concrete has to dry out completely before the flooring can be replaced, so the fridge/freezer is standing right in the middle of the kitchen (it couldn’t be more in the way), making even the easiest tasks into a triumph of ingenuity and chess-like manouevres as so many places are now kinda inaccessible, and will remain there for the best part of the week.


kitchen temporarily abandoned, I’ve had to find other ways to amuse myself, which is why you can see pictures of a quilt and a bag.

The quilt is for Lucy, design chosen by her from my copy of  Jelly Roll Quilts, and made using a jelly roll that I picked up for half-price because its label was missing so I’ve no idea what the fabric collection is, except that it is a Moda collection. I know, helpful, aren’t I?

The bag was made this afternoon, about four hours start-to-finish, including quite a bit of seam-ripping when I realised that what I was trying just wasn’t going to work…I’m such a tool, sometimes, and should have realised by now that if something seems too simple to be true, that’s probably because it is, and better brains than mine have already figured out the solution. Oh well…

The bag is  convertible because it can be used as a regular kind of shoulder bag/handbag-type jobby, but the flap is actually an extension of the bag, and unfolds to make almost a tote-bag sized bag, perfect for when you need to pick up a few bottles of plonk  some emergency cat-food or some such on the way home from work. I just need to get some silver-coloured popper studs (to match the twist lock) and it will be finished. Just need to think of a name for the design now.

(Oh yes, the fabric for this is from Amy Butler’s Love collection – yay! I remembered!)

Anyway, there’s a large Belgian iced bun with my name on it,  l8ers, peeps! xx



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2 responses to “Just an ordinary Sunday

  1. I love your patchwork quilt I have been thinking about giving this a go for a while. I think you may have just convinced me. 😉

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