Here we go again

I was about to write “Well, another long gap between posts” but it seems like most of my posts start like that these days. *Sigh*

Lots of stuff has been happening in and around the Creek household, but some of it was just too dull to be worthy of blogging and some needed a bit of distance and perspective before finding its way onto a page.

The dull stuff: well, knitting, really and sewing, weaving, spinning…all the things that this blog is meant to be about. My creative mojo seems to be hiding itself very well at the moment; I have about four knitting projects on the needles but none of them is holding my interest at present and I rarely pick up my knitting from one Wednesday knitting group to the next. Sewing is also a bit “meh” – I’m taking part in a quilt bee with six other real-life friends, which I am enjoying, but there are no personal projects on the horizon. There are various ideas for bags and quilts rumbling around in what passes for my brain, but nothing concrete.

Spinning and weaving have been all-but-forgotten of late, apart from a merino/seasilk scarf that I wove for my Mum for her birthday earlier this month (and which I apparently don’t have a photo of – trust me, it was lovely though I say so myself) and some vague notion of making a wrap/poncho-type thing in a combination of black wool/angora mix and various odd bits of handspun yarn. Again, actual steps to achieve this are so far non-existent.

The (much) less dull stuff:

Well, my younger daughter Bethany turned 21 on 14th February – it may be Valentine’s Day in the rest of the western world, but in this little part of the UK it is most definitely Bethany’s birthday. There was chocolate cake (with proper ganache on top as well as popping candy), champagne and a family meal out as well as lunch-time celebrations with her sister and a friend at which I gather copious amounts of alcohol were consumed. I am still reeling from the fact that it is already twenty-one years since we had a makeshift labour ward set up in the bedroom (complete with feline audience!) and Bethany made her first appearance. Where has the time gone?

The stuff that needed distance and perspective:

three weeks ago I got a phone call from Mum to say that my Dad was in hospital, having apparently had a stroke/TIA and was being kept in overnight for observation. I can’t adequately express how this made me feel – extremely anxious, helpless and frustrated as well as being acutely aware of the distance between us. The next day we were told that Dad would be staying in hospital a bit longer as there were more tests to be done, so I took some emergency leave from work and dashed up the motorway to Leicester, with Lucy, so we could see him and order him to get better!

Eventually, after CT scans, vascular X-rays, ultrasound scans, blood tests and other assorted pokings and proddings, it was discovered that one of Dad’s carotid arteries was about 90% blocked and so he would need surgery – this surgery, to be exact; pretty daunting, huh? Yeah, me too. The only bit of light relief at this point was when Dad was told he would have to shave his beard off , which meant that we would get to see him beardless for the First. Time. Ever! He hasn’t shaved for over 60 years! Not even Mum has seen the clean-shaven version. In the end, we were denied this thrilling spectacle as the nurse decided that just a small patch under his jaw would suffice.

The operation was carried out on 3rd February (Mum’s birthday, of all days) and has been a complete success. Dad was allowed home three days later, supported by visiting physiotherapists and nurses and is well on his way to full recovery.

Relieved, much?



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4 responses to “Here we go again

  1. So relieved that your Dad is ok. Its horrible being far away from family when things go wrong.

  2. Tola

    hugs and good healing vibes from across the water.

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