Two for one



Two skirts from one pattern, or to be more precise, one reversible skirt from one pattern. The pattern was a free one from Craftsy but I adapted it to be reversible – not sure why, really, maybe just because I could!  I’m sure it will come in useful for when I drop my lunch in my lap at work, then I can just pop into the Ladies and come out with a (sort-of) clean skirt. As it’s a wrap-over style there were no zips to worry about and it will be adjustable as I (hopefully) continue to shrink (I’ve lost about 2 stone so far, thanks to the Harcombe diet).
Right, sewing done, I’m gonna break out the big stuff now and do some drum carding.


Edited to fix links – thanks to TLK for pointing it out and apologies for any inconvenience.



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2 responses to “Two for one

  1. TLK

    Oh no! Both of the links are broken!

    • upknitcreek

      Probably because I was posting from my phone and it’s quite hard to navigate between sites. Will check and amend (sorry)

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