An album

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Mollie was a rescue cat and had been living in the Creeky household for ten and a half years. She was about 15 and had been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism about four years ago.

For a long time, the medication she was on did its job quite well, despite her enduring reluctance to take it (she never really understood the word “co-operation”) but over the last couple of months it became fairly clear that it was not working, even on an increased dose – she was no longer maintaining her weight and then began to lose weight quite rapidly. She also began to suffer the consequences of uncontrolled hyperthyroidism – very rapid heart rate, high blood pressure, kidney problems, etc etc. She was still the same old Mollie though but then we noticed a certain amount of confusion and she became very old very suddenly. She couldn’t make it up the stairs anymore and spent most of her time lying down in one of a few selected spots around the house.

The vet assured us that she was in no pain and on her final day, she managed to have a little play in a box and a brief outing to the garden, but that night she gave up her struggle and died peacefully in her sleep.

I’m so glad that we were lucky enough to have her in our lives for so long.



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4 responses to “An album

  1. Peri

    Lovely photos of a wonderful Kitty girl. xxx

  2. I’m so sorry you have lost such a wonderful companion. She always reminded me so much of my cat Parsley, so we will have a little cuddle in Mollie’s memory this morning. This was a lovely tribute.

    • upknitcreek

      Thanks Chrissie, she was a lovely cat with a beautiful nature and she is deeply missed – the house is very quiet without her

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