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The Creek house was just too empty without a cat, so we went to the Cat’s Protection National Cat Adoption Centre and found this little sweetie. She was called Taura, a complete oxymoron of a name (how can you have a female bull?!), so we have renamed her Lyra which I think suits her really well.

She has been with us less than 24 hours but as you can see, she has made herself very much at home. She has already jumped on the cooker, tried to explore the inside of the oven, jumped onto the mantelpiece, tried to get out of the bathroom window, explored the dark hole under the stairs, crept around under the beds, killed a toy mouse over and over again, nearly fallen into the toilet and dragged a chicken carcass off a covered plate and into the living room.

I think life will be very interesting with Lyra around 🙂



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  1. Lyra sounds like a very entertaining cat! She will make you smile at the same time as driving you to distraction!

  2. Peri

    She looks a right cutie and sounds full of norty!

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