But I’m supposed to be on holiday…

…from work, anyway.
I’ve had this week off and the week before last, too, but have been busy, busy, busy.
Apart from keeping an eye on Lyra, who I introduced in the last post, I’ve been hard at it on my sewing machine; I have made four tops, a skirt and a secret thing that I can’t talk about yet, ’cause it’s, y’know, secret.
I bought this book a few weeks ago and have so far made a raglan-sleeve top from some Liberty Tana lawn, a boat-neck jumper (shortened to tunic length to wear with leggings) from denim-blue linen, a yoked skirt from some cotton bought as a remnant yonks ago, a cap-sleeved top from some drastically-reduced-in-price linen/cotton blend and a chinese-collared shirt from some pale blue lightweight linen. I may make one of the wrapover tops at the weekend, too. The patterns are generally simple to make but I think a beginning-sewer might struggle a bit as the book assumes a certain amount of prior knowledge. My only gripe is that the patterns (8 basic patterns, plus variations) are all printed on just four sides of paper and are all  in the same colour, so tracing them is a bit of a nightmare (especially when Lyra is trying to “help” by knocking the pencil out of my hand, grabbing the scissors, slashing the tracing paper with her claws and then trying to bite my arm). Each side of the paper has two designs and it would have made life much, much easier if different colours had been used for each design – not too hard for modern printing presses, presumably?

No photos yet because:

  • two of the tops are already in the laundry bin, awaiting…er…laundering
  • I’m at home alone at present and would not be able to manage decent pics without some kind of assistance (not Lyra’s kind of assistance); where are my slaves daughters when I need them?

Lyra, as you can probably guess from the comments above, is settling in very well; right now she is snoozing in her play-tunnel, probably because she is all tuckered-out after her manic sessions of charging around the house like a whirling dervish and fiercely killing three toy mice/rats/knitted thingies several times over. I expect she’ll wake up again when the sewing machine lurches into action later on. It’s very disconcerting trying to sew a straight seam when a little tabby face is right behind the arm of the machine and little white paws keep trying to grab the needle as you are sewing.

Such innocence…


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