A day late

Should have done this yesterday, but didn’t quite get around to it…
Happy birthday to my wonderful Dad, who celebrated his 89th birthday on 10th November.



Dad during a game of Trivial Pursuit

I can’t believe he’s 89 as he still looks just the same as ever, except that his beard is now white.
One of Dad’s main interests has always been travel, and there are very few places left that he hasn’t visited (Japan and the antarctic, maybe?); in his youth it was all on motorbikes with his friends, camping and staying in youth hostels (missing out occasionally due to lack of language skills – they were trying to get to Florence, but could only see signposts for Firenze!) but in later years via the slightly more luxurious means of cruise-ships and posh hotels.
For his 80th birthday, the whole family clubbed together to pay for a trip in a hot-air balloon (something he’d always wanted to do) so now we’ve got a year to think of something even more exciting for his 90th – ideas, anyone?
Happy Birthday Dad xxx



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2 responses to “A day late

  1. I first met your Dad around 16 years ago, and he looks exactly the same now as he did then. I’ve many fond memories of him wandering around a set with his box of tools that helped build it. I can imagine him loving the hot air balloon. Happy birthday Jim!

    • upknitcreek

      Thanks Chrissy – yes, he spent many, many Sundays over the years helping to put up sets for the drama group, usually worrying that they weren’t conforming to H&S standards or something. He would never ever have set foot on a stage if there had been an audience present though 🙂 Sent from my ASUS Pad

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