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Travels with Helga

This is Helga, a new addition to the Creek household.                      

Helga the Hymer

She came to live with me in early December last year and, apart from a couple of odd Saturday nights away, last weekend was the first “proper” trip away in her.

I should probably add at this point that there have been other major changes here at Creek Towers since my last post (centuries ago…) as, in addition to Helga, I seem to have acquired a BBB – Big Beardy Boyfriend; more on this later.

Anyhoo, last weekend saw the BBB and me sally forth (and North) in Helga to the Lake District, some 200 miles from here, in the north-west of England. The trip had been organised by a couple of members of a Facebook group dedicated to all things Hymer and the small campsite we used was full, exclusively, of Hymers of all shapes, sizes and vintages. I must admit to a few nerves about the prospect of meeting a bunch of strangers whose only loose connection was a shared interest in a particular brand of motor home, but those fears were completely unfounded and everyone was very friendly. Being total noobs at “MoHo-ing” it was good to meet others who could pass on the benefit of their experience and also very interesting to see inside other Hymers, as they all appear to have different internal layouts. I still haven’t seen another one with the same layout as Helga though 😉

Pier Cottage site nestles right on the edge of Coniston Water and its claim to fame is that it was the launching point for Donald Campbell‘s ill-fated world-record attempt at the world speed record on water. The site itself is very picturesque, with direct access to the lake – in fact as the weekend wore on, the access became steadily more direct due to the copious amounts of water falling out of the sky!

The view from Helga

Sadly the rain stopped us from exploring as much as we would have liked (our first walk out was straight to an Outdoors/camping shop to buy waterproof trousers as BBB was soaked through to his skin) but even in appalling weather, the Lake and surrounding area is very beautiful and I’m sure this will not be our only visit.

 Church Beck

Pier Cottage

The road into Coniston

View across town

There are some other advantages in taking your home with you:

No need to drive home…cheers!

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